Nick and Emily

Nick and Emily's Wedding

Nick and Emily's Wedding

Nick and Emily's Wedding

The wedding was held at Smack Mellon, a hip gallery space in Dumbo. That metal outside the window is the Manhattan bridge.

This is the best man giving his speech.

Nick and Emily's Wedding

Paul and Sofie

Nick and Emily's Wedding

Heidi and I after a few dozen beers, wines and cocktails. I was the official photographer for the reception, and the DJ told me that the more I drank the better my photos would become. I am not the kind of person to ignore advice like this, so you’ll find the photos get more and more intimate as the night progresses.

Nick and Emily's Wedding

I have posted hundreds of the better images on Flickr if you’d like to see more.

In the context of this blog you’ll notice Billy is conspicuous by his absence. Heidi’s mum looked after him, so we could actually relax at a wedding for once.

6 thoughts on “Nick and Emily

  1. Great pictures simon (I was searching through the flickr ones for shots of the glamourous Heidi!)

  2. Thanks Em. (I’ll use ‘Em’ so no one confuses you with the bride in the pictures.)

  3. Hi Simon-

    These are really terrific- when are you quitting your day job again? Seriously, really excellent job. Send a few to the gallery for PR!


  4. Fantastic work old bean. Emily of course looks incredible, but you’ve even managed to make me look passable.

  5. Congratulations, Nick and Emily!

    I’m a sucker for weddings – viewed every single photo from your day!!

    We hope to see you both soon so we can toast and celebrate your special occasion. Best of luck!

    Clarissa & Paul Dobek

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