Poor Thing

Billy is still catatonic after his hectic weekend. He has been coughing and sneezing all day and went into a trance shortly after his dinner:



We’re hoping he’ll have recovered in time for my parents safe return from Boston. We may have to call a witch doctor to snap him out of it.

[By the way I got junk mail on all my posts yesterday so I’ve had to install a spam filter. Unfortunately it isn’t the most polite or intelligent of filters, it may tell you what you are writing sounds like spam and refuse to publish it straight away. I hope you can learn to ignore this, I’ll be checking the filter several times each day and letting through genuine comments. I can’t manually delete 70 Viagra and gambling ads every night as I had to last night.]

2 thoughts on “Poor Thing

  1. Flo’s got a cold too, poor wee things. Billy still looks gorgeous, even with a runny nose! x emily

  2. oh good glad to hear the first bout of the sniffles has arrived.. I thought you were making it look a little easy. Are we going to see a new face, Fog Horn Billy! Right them I’m off, for a quiet lie down.. (remember those?? HA HA HAA!)

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