A List

I just had 4 days off, so did lots of stuff:

-Went to the dentist for the fourth time with the same tooth. They put a screw in it then poured plastic resin around the screw. I now have a plastic tooth. For my fifth and sixth visits I will get a porcelain crown.

-Went to the Zoo and checked all the animals out. Saw a roo and a roo baby. And the llamas with their new (lack of) hair cuts.


-Edited a Bat Mitzvah video for a friend of a friend. Very educational.

-Went to Cheryl’s for brunch nice and early, so we could get a table in the garden. For some reason they only gave me one sausage. To make things worse, it was a very nice sausage, and I would have loved more. To make things even more worse, Billy ate half of my only sausage. Little buzzard.


-Watched nearly every episode of Gavin and Stacey and got nice gooey feelings in my stomach.

-Went to the botanic garden and was amazed at how beautiful everything looked in the dazzling sunshine. The sun was so bright I stopped my camera down to F/29 only to discover I already have dust on my sensor. Goddam sensor dust, drives me round the bend. (See splodges in sky near top right).

Bright and Hot

-We also hung out under this luminescent carapace of leaves for about an hour.

Bright and Hot

-I took a photo in front of the bluebells. Heidi hates it cos she says she has a “fat arm” and she says Billy looks like he has a mental eye. What is it with girls and their “fat arms?” And what the hell is a mental eye? It looks fine to me.


-Visited Manhattan beach and discovered they have the concession stand of my dreams selling all my favorite foods and drinks. Cups of tea, beer, burgers, you name it. Hating sand like I do, all I have to look forward to at the beach are the trinkets and snacks on sale around the periphery. My $3 hamburger and juicy $2.50 hot dog made my morning.

Manhattan Beach Concession Stand

-Bought a suit for 2 upcoming weddings. I was sweet talked out of $440 by a smooth talking Egyptian salesman. The fact that price included a shirt and 2 ties didn’t offer much consolation to Heidi when I flashed the receipt under her nose. Then when she found 2 perfectly fine suits that I hadn’t been able to find in plain view in my wardrobe, much head shaking ensued.

-Inspired by Billy’s book on Faulkner, I started reading ‘August Light’ and cannot believe how good it is. Escaping into the ignorant racist old south is a strangely blissful experience. I seem to have become receptive to literature again of late, after about 18 months of nothing but podcasts. I hope this lasts for a while, as literature really is better than a diet of constant podcasts.

I think that covers everything.

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  1. Manhattan Beach is a 10 minute walk from Brighton beach. I didn’t know it existed until I saw it on a Google map the other week. It is a bit classier than Brighton Beach, but it attracted a lot of teenagers later in the day. Best to go when kids are at school, though there were plenty of cops and lifeguards to keep them in line.

    Bar Mitzvah’s are for boys, Bat’s for girls.

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