Oscar Party

I say party, what I mean is we watched the Oscars. Alone. With no alcohol.

Still, it was exciting enough, we don’t watch live TV usually, so I had to use our old VCR as a tuner and connect it to the projector. It was almost like being there. Except it wasn’t because it was rubbish.

What really stank though was that I didn’t win our annual who can guess the most winners competition. It was a dead heat, 10 a piece. I usually win by miles and spend days rubbing it in H’s face. Thank god for the Bourne film and the editing/sound/sound mixing categories. Without those I’d have been truly screwed.

I did make some stupid guesses this year. I picked Casey Affleck over Javier Bardem (a bit silly), Persepolis over Ratatouille (a lot silly), some dumbass idiot song from ‘Enchanted’ over that slightly less dumbass shitty song that won (Jesus, the songs are bad); and I picked ‘I met a walrus’ over ‘Peter and the Wolf’ as my favorite animated short (what was I thinking?).

Better luck next year.