Is this a poem?

I’m sleepy, so is Billy
He nods off
I get ready
I kiss them goodnight and walk outside
I’m sick of trains
I flag down a cab
My music’s loud
In my ears
We pull onto the bridge
Gotham twinkles ahead
I’ve been drinking
I like being on my own
But I need courage
The cab pulls up at Delancey Street
I descend the gloomy stairway
Everyone is hip
So am I
I imagine
I go to the bar and buy a drink
I don’t recognize the staff
Usually I make a friend
One time a filmmaker
One time a security guard
One time a stuntman
I like that
I want to talk
To someone
I look around
The castanets appear
I tell them I missed them
It was Billy’s fault
He cried for too long
I like your album
I say
They can’t afford their drinks
They change their order
I drink more
Time passes
Then finally
I head upstairs
And go to the front
Sufjan appears
He has cheerleaders
From Illinois
He is a star
And he knows it
He sold out 5 nights
My head is groggy
The music is clear
As crystal
I am pinned to the ground
I consume every note
Every word
I get my money’s worth
And some
At the end I am sad
I walk out
Into the hot night
It is late
I plug in my headphones
I listen to him again

One thought on “Is this a poem?

  1. In answer to my own question (having just read through what I wrote). No it’s not. It is a paragraph written in a very peculiar fashion.

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