The future has arrived

I am very excited today as we made a HUGE purchase. Not a house, don’t get carried away; and not something for junior – yawn… Other people seem content to furnish us in that department. Thanks everyone by the way, many of you I have never met but thanks for the mountains of baby clothes we already own, we even have 20 nappies!

Anyway, a week or two ago I suggested to Heidi that we get a new camera as a joint birthday present to ourselves and, after a little strong-arming, Heidi agreed. Our digital camera is old and only 2 Mega Pixels and the pictures look crappy when printed out. It also takes horrible video, so I thought we’d get one that takes unlimited high-definition video and better pictures (for Billy like). However, Heidi’s mum has a video camera and has offered to let us borrow it (so we don’t need a camera for video) and I thought it would be silly to buy another little compact digital when we both love taking proper photos with an SLR. Sadly our SLR has been performing poorly of late and we got so used to seeing results instantly that we never use it. Can you see where I am going…? Yes? No? Yes? Yes indeed, the digital-SLR, a thing of pure fantasy for too long, and the answer to our photographic dreams.

A couple years back I thought I would wait until an 8MP digital SLR became affordable before I even tortured myself by desiring them. I seem to have set this figure in my mind as something equivalent in quality to film photography (in truth I think that is closer to 20MP). I had a look to see how high we are in mega-pixelage capability these days and it seems 16MP is as good as it gets – on Amazon anyway. A 16MP digital-SLR was $8000 without a lens. Not quite in our range just yet.

Further browsing revealed that Canon just released the Digital Rebel XT. An 8.2MP digital SLR at under a thousand bucks. I like Canon best and always buy from them. If I were a rich man I’d happily switch allegiance to Leica, but until that day it is Canon for me. Or maybe Nikon. No Canon. I bided my time then broke the happy news to Heidi – incrementally. You have to be very careful when telling your wife how much things cost, one false move and it’s peanuts for Christmas. It is the function of a good husband to seek out new toys and beg his wife to let him have them whatever the cost to himself. I thought of a fantastic bargaining chip. Each and every web / graphic design class I take costs us $800. My last class was terrible so I vowed to Heidi that I would teach myself the next program and not take the class if we could get the camera. Genius huh? Sorry I am writing like a child but I am still very excited. Last night I found the camera $200 below list price and Heidi was completely swung.

Just to make myself appear slightly little less manipulative I’d like to point out that she is going to love the camera just as much as I (and this is the real reason she let me get it). She is forever complaining about the wide depth-of-field we get using our compact digital, she hates not being able to see through the actual lens and is irritated by the delay you get before the shutter releases. She used to do the whole dark room thing and has very romantic ideas about photography; I am convinced though, that once I show her how to load a .RAW image into Photoshop and how to use the dodge / burn tools etc… she’ll get over her dark room nostalgia.

So watch this space for insanely high quality images of young Billy. The image files will be massive, anything up to 30MB in size! To elaborate, in case you aren’t a geek like myself, that is the equivalent of 20 floppy disks, 6 songs, 60 novels or 30 photos from our old camera. If that doesn’t impress, then nothing ever will. Goodnight.

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  1. Horray for giant picture of billy’s eyes and the fleas on your cat! now do you actually think you’ll get the camera this century? 😉

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