Brooklyn Matters

I just found this trailer for Brooklyn Matters, a documentary about the proposed Atlantic Yards project. The website explains:

No single event will have a more drastic and long-lasting impact on Brooklyn than the proposed Atlantic Yards development. This uncommon proposal, however, is mostly misunderstood. Brooklyn Matters is an insightful documentary that reveals the fuller truth about the Atlantic Yards proposal and highlights how a few powerful men are circumventing community participation and planning principles to try to push their own interests forward.

I’ve lived in Brooklyn for nearly 4 years now and ever since I moved into the neighborhood the Atlantic Yards project has filled me with deep ambivalence.

I don’t think the state should be allowed to take people’s homes away from them just to build a commercial development. On the other hand most of the area the development will occupy is currently a barren no-mans-land and a big pile of used batteries would look nicer.

I absolutely don’t want a basketball stadium in the neighborhood, and it’s not because I am a terrible racist, I just don’t like sport and I hate those “Raaaaaaarrrrr!” sounds that emanate from stadiums. They give me the creeps.

I desperately don’t want to lose Freddy’s bar, my favorite bar in New York, but I do like the look of that Frank Gehry designed building they keep showing us on the news.

I don’t like the idea of dark shadows enveloping the surrounding neighborhood, but I do like the idea of a lot of affordable housing.

It seems all of my reasoning is entirely selfish, just like everyone else’s I suppose. On balance I’d have to be with the ‘no’ camp, for Freddy’s more than anything else. If I were the man in charge I’d make the whole thing much smaller, scrap the sports and not steal anybody’s home. Sadly I am not the man in charge so whatever happens, happens and I remain deeply ambivalent.

Perhaps I need to see this documentary.