6 thoughts on “Billy’s 4 Days of Christmas

  1. ahh, it’s lovely to see little billy enjoying his christmas!
    flora’s wasn’t so great. mummy and daddy had the flu and flo had a 40degree fever and slept half the day. We’re going to have another christmas on friday with her cousin lily at granny and grandpa’s house,so hopefully that will make up for it!
    Lots of love to all of you from all of us. Have a very happy new year and we’ll be in touch in 2007
    xxxxx em, doug and flo

  2. Billy was sick before christmas and he is super sick now with god alone knows what. He’s a total wreck, can’t eat/sleep/walk, he just flops from Heidi to me then back again. The doc was as clueless as we are which is very reassuring. Sometimes I can’t wait till he’s 18.

  3. OMG. That’s not cool. Does he still have that body rash? Heidi’s ‘mother instincts’ were right – she knew something was up when she saw the rash. I thought he ate something weird, cause he was in such high spirits. I’m going to be a sh*t mother.

    Tell Billy hope he feels better soon…

  4. The rash is almost gone. This flu thing is probably unrelated, though it may not be. Who knows? If the doctor has no clue, we never will.

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