The Creepiest Blogger on Earth?

I have been snooping around the world of real estate blogs for work recently and yesterday I found the weirdest post I have ever seen. I can’t stop thinking about it and wondering about the guy who wrote it. The blog is fairly popular as far as I can tell and the other contributors seem sane.

Here it is

What do you think, I really can’t make head nor tail of it?

2 thoughts on “The Creepiest Blogger on Earth?

  1. I think the author is pointing out that responsibility starts with you (or me). He states that people should make the hard decisions to choose right instead of wrong, no matter what their excuses for failure are.

    His protagonist, “Ramblin, Gamblin Willie”, shows courage by speaking the truth to an absolute stranger whom he knows is shirking his parental responsibility. That, is caring.

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