I was walking by our local computer game store at 8:00AM on Saturday morning and there were people camping, presumably for Playstation 3s. I find this kind of behavior a bit strange, as I have no interest in computer games whatsoever. You can probably tell that from the way I call them computer games, I have a nagging feeling I should be calling them something else. I feel like my gran.

I used to love games as a kid but something happened and I stopped. If I were feeling cruel I’d say I grew up, but I don’t think that was it. I think I became lazy. I just couldn’t be bothered to figure out how a game worked any more. The games that didn’t need any figuring out started to bore me the instant I touched them. I also hate to lose and I was always shockingly rubbish at them.

That line outside the store made me realize that I actually do miss them. I’ve been looking at screenshots of X360 and PS3 games and I love the artistry that goes into them, the little details that make you laugh. I love to see the advances in the graphics and I love the sound effects and the music. None of these things justify my purchasing anything but I am looking forward to the day Billy asks for his first games console. 5 minutes a month ought to do me. Or if Billy insists on butchering a human opponent, maybe 50 hours.

3 thoughts on “Gamestation

  1. I’m getting a Wii when you stop having to queue. I’m also rubbish at games, so you can come over and beat me Super Mario Spasm anytime.

  2. Paul has a PS3…come over and play anytime.

    And no, he wasn’t one of them weirdos that stood outside Best Buy all night to buy one. He joined forums that had “the weirdos” posting where the next shipment will be. Which makes Paul….well…a weirdo.

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