Shopping Trip

I just spent a pleasant half an hour in Tekserve playing with Macs and buying peripherals for work. Afterwards, whilst waiting for the bus, two burly guys pushing a cart strolled over and stopped right in front of me. I looked down and to my surprise there was a dead body on the cart.

The corpse was loosely wrapped in an old purple blanket. The sort of blanket you have as the fancy top layer on your bed. Don’t they have bags for this sort of thing, I thought. One of the guys, who looked more like a bouncer than a coroner, was wearing powdered rubber gloves. At least those looked legit.

The cart bounced violently as it left the curb and the two men very nearly threw the thing into the back of their rickety old van.

The whole thing was very odd.

6 thoughts on “Shopping Trip

  1. I think they killed someone and were trying to get away with it by trying to look legit. I guess it worked. I watch too much law and order.

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