Fisher’s Travels


This disheveled mess is my good friend Jack Fisher of “Fisher’s Travels” tab fame. See above, next to the “Home” tab in case you never noticed it before.

Check out Fisher’s Travels if you’ve got time. Jack has jacked in his job once again to wander round the world with his girlfriend Christiane. Nothing remarkable you might think, but bear in mind that Jack is a total square and a chemical engineer. Not the sort to do as he’s done in other words. And definitely not the sort to sport the look he’s sporting.

This time he’s hit the Americas (whilst strategically avoiding New York, the anti-social git). He started in Canada and is working his way down to some godforsaken place in South America.

I’ve had a lot of unexpected problems getting myself understood. Must be my accent – the worst to comprehend me was the automated Amtrak telephone booking system (Julie), who forced me to shout ’san francisico’ five times down the phone in my best wild west accent. Got me some funny looks from the passers-by, that’s for sure.

Below this, in reverse chronological order, are the emails he sent from Russia, China and Mongolia last year.

And here is an article he wrote for The Traveler website called: “A Trek Through Tiger Leaping Gorge.”