5 thoughts on “The Pumpkin

  1. hello all in Apocalypse Now – Sorry the USA

    Why have you carved your pumpkin so long before Halloween!?

    Can you not wait a whole week?

    or can Billy not wait?

    We are waiting till the 31st for – as Max calls it
    ‘The angry Man face punkming’

    Love to all

    Ian, Beccy and Max

  2. It’s the tradition round these parts to carve it early and post it outside your house for all to admire. A week actually shows remarkable restraint, there have been pumpkins outside other houses for a while now.

    The only problem is that we heard a lot of pumpkins have been stolen so we are too scared to put it out. It was a lot of work you see, I’d be gutted if some swine nicked it. I think it is going in the back garden for now.

  3. Do you not find that they collapse after a few days?

    rotting tends to occur…

    or maybe in your country of world domination and shock and awe you have a better class of punkming?!

    we have some cracking spider balloons and webbing to complement our punkming but it will remaon uncarved till the day before.

    ps – just out of curiosity – what is your stance on the American spellings you have been adopting of late.
    ‘Tire’ for example.
    I know it has been raised before
    A – but do you see yourself as a Yank now?
    B – are you being ironic?
    C – are you just trying to become absorbed in the culture that surrounds you?

  4. I wondered about it rotting myself. I am thinking the colder weather here will keep it in shape for longer. I am also sure we have a better class of punkming. We have better everything else after all.

    As for the spellings, I am afraid the truth is less interesting than your 3 suggestions. I was never much of a writer when I lived in England and my spelling was always appalling. Now I have finally taken an interest in the written language I just find it easier to use the local spellings. Take “Tire” for example. I wrote the word down about 3 times and it didn’t look right so I asked Heidi how it was spelt. Heidi, being an American, gave me the spelling I put on here. Sad but true.

    Also, there are times when I prefer the American spelling. When the English spelling both doesn’t make sense and is too hard to remember. As my blog is read by both English people and Americans alike, I think I can get away with this pick and choose method.

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