The Simon’s Brain Diet

Day 1

Breakfast – half a banana (the other half was squishy)
Mid-morning snack – an apple
Lunch – raw carrot and broccoli (I feel sick just writing that)
Mid-Afternoon snack – lettuce
Dinner – a baked yam
Supper – boiled kimchee

Day 2

Breakfast – a banana
Mid-morning snack – an apple
Lunch – soybeans
Mid-Afternoon snack – none
Dinner – lettuce, cilantro, chick peas & corn
Supper – none

I allowed myself a little vinegar with the lettuce, as I just couldn’t force it down on its own.


Surprisingly few: I am REALLY hungry but not so hungry I can’t think of anything else. I can hear my stomach rumbling as I type which is kind of distracting. I’ve had no unsavory bowel movements to speak of; quite the opposite in fact, I’ve had nothing. At around 4:30PM both days I became incredibly tired, much more so than usual but it passed by about 7. I’d say I feel more alert than I usually do.

Sadly, I cannot be as self-indulgent as I’d have liked during this difficult time. Billy has croup and Heidi has a bad cold so I have next to no access to my computer and nowhere to go for sympathy. Silence and sleep are the only things allowed in our house at the moment. And on that note, I’d better sign off.

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