Halcyon Malaise

Heidi just found some keepsakes from our fancy-free days. On this rare and special occasion I wielded my little used satirical pencil. I am not really known for my artistic skills (or my satire, come to think of it), but I am hoping the inclusion of these on the site will blast away my reader’s presuppositions. Looking at this I feel I could have been a great artist. Perhaps, one day, I will be.

This is a lovingly recreated street scene from the Moroccan city of Fez. It captures the memory of an evening walk with Heidi’s brother Albert. Morocco, a country and culture that enchanted me so much, I may, at a push, agree to use its airspace again. If there is no way around. And I am drugged.


Here we see 3 Americans who were staying in the same hostel.


Being the profound souls we are, we used the spare moments of our only second world experience to discuss our future honeymoon in Lapland (which never happened for the record).


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  1. after 30 years your true talents are realised!
    True genius is easy to recognise… wow..

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