Tonight was Yellow


Tonight I went out to buy chicken and potatoes and the whole city was yellow; I have never seen anything like it. This is a picture I took when I got back home. What I saw when I was out was much more dramatic. The clouds were nicotine stained mercury, there were forks of lightening violently spearing the ground; it was apocalyptic. We never get weather like this in England. As I walked past the venue Southpaw I saw a huge bus, inside which a fancy pants hipster scooped an imaginary fringe with his fingers whilst chatting on his cell phone. I thought nothing of it. I went to the supermarket, bought my chicken, bought my potatoes and then on the way home I realized the guy in the bus was Kelly Jones from The Stereophonics, they played Southpaw tonight. This was the surrealist trip to the shops ever. And that is my blog entry for today, thank you and good night.

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