Public Indecency

I discovered a new form of embarrassment today. I have an iPod video for the next week or so, so I put a movie on it for the commute this morning. I chose ‘A Room With a View.’ A film I’ve never seen for some reason.

On my way home I was sat in a sparsely populated carriage eyes fixed on the tiny screen. Suddenly, the men in the scene I was watching stripped off and started frolicking about naked in a pond. There were penises all over the place. And in no time at all I had company on the train. A large older man parked himself to my left and a girl who looked like a student sat to my right. I found myself sitting there, frozen with embarrassment, with what looked like a gay porno stuck to my palm.

They need to fit these things screens that can’t be seen from the side.

Thinking about it though, there are many things I would be embarrassed to be seen watching. ‘A Room with a View’ for example. What kind of a pussy must I have looked, even when the cast had their finery on? And what if some kid saw a load of blood and guts on the thing and his mum started yelling at me for public indecency? These things could cause a lot of problems in the years to come.

Here’s an interesting fact I found out about the maximum resolution allowance for the iPod video. Interesting if you have one of these things anyway:

The iPod limits movies not by frame size, but rather by 16-by-16-pixel blocks called macroblocks. The video iPod supports up to 300 macroblocks (76,800 pixels) for H.264 movies and up to 900 macroblocks (230,400 pixels) for MPEG-4 movies. And as long as the iPod can play a file on screen, it can also output the file to a TV.

What this means is that if you use an mpeg4 codec on a widescreen movie you can get resolutions high enough to look great on TV.

Still, I won’t be buying one, the screen is just too small. I wish they’d get a move on with the 6G model. It could be any day now!

3 thoughts on “Public Indecency

  1. OMG!

    It could be worse. You could have been watching a film with loads of puntang instead. I rather be gay then a pervert.

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