7 thoughts on “Mouse in the Mirror

  1. in defense of our neighbor america’s spelling, which, like the dialog, has more flavor than the the stuffy gray spelling we use. do me a favor, endeavor thru perseverance to recognize the sense of spelling theater, thus, of paying with checks instead of cheques and enroll in an installment plan that maneuvers away from fetus brained travelers.

    (sorry i couldn’t make this make sense, i tried, honest i did)

  2. you were taught correct english, you should make a point of sticking with the originals and teach the yanks the right way!!

  3. hear hear to Simon’s Mum!!
    You are an Englishman in New York.

    While you are not Quentin Crisp I bet he would spell colourful with a U
    I will check one of his books forthwith.
    ( though I don’t actually have any)

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