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  1. That is horrible to hear. Stupid jobs…honestly, if I hear one more person say “in this economy, you are lucky to have a job” – I WILL SCREAM!

    I wanted to ask if you’re any closer in leaving Bklyn and heading to Beacon…but I guess given the state of your current job situation – Beacon is not consuming your thoughts at the present time.

  2. Any moves away from here are entirely contingent on Heidi getting a flexible job in the area, so who knows if/when we’ll ever go.

  3. Where is Beacon? Is this a drastic move e.g. Canadian Border?

    Jobs are a pain, why can’t you get paid for, in your case, taking lovely pics and writing an entertaining blog? I’m sure, for example, I deserve a decent salary for my self-indulgence of watching birds. It’s a funny world.

  4. It’s a hell of a commute from the city, but it isn’t quite Canada. About 1 hours 20 mins on the train.

    I think Mozza is to blame for this feeling we deserve to be paid simply for being. So I think I’ll listen to him right now.

  5. That sort of thing yes. I wouldn’t of minded a bit of dole money wiring over, but now the pound is all feeble again, there’s little point.

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