Uneventful Weekend

Here is an uneventful image from an uneventful weekend:

Uneventful Image

We went ice skating this morning, but the moment I took my camera came out, an over zealous guard screeched towards me whistling and yelling as if I were holding weapons of mass destruction. 20 minutes later the same guy was holding my hand, coaxing me off the side wall. I’ve never skated before and I was horrified at just how slippery ice is when you are standing on 1/4 inch blades of steel. It is outrageous.

The guy turned out to be very nice and after half an hour I was able to edge forwards slightly without clinging to the side. I never got as far as stopping or turning, but I think those skills are best left for another day. Billy didn’t stop falling for an hour, alternating between laughing and crying the whole time. Heidi was exhausted from holding him up by the time we left. Once off the ice, he claimed he liked it, ‘a little bit’. I am pleased to report the rink is now closed till next winter. Here’s a screen shot from the 20 second video I got before that bloody man screamed at me:


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