Sunday Afternoon

Billy has been sick since last Monday and still isn’t getting any better. The doctors told us he had a virus, but now tell us he has an ear infection, so hopefully his antibiotics will have him fixed up soon.


Between moments of extreme lethargy, he has been sat on my knee watching TV shows. Today we found Doggy Poo in Netflix’s “watch now” selection. A charming tale of a doggy poo, made in Korea. It looks genuinely interesting, but Billy protested and made me turn it off.

2758_shapeshifter_06He sits on my knee and watches his shows and I Google around for music or gadgets or whatever else takes my fancy. Earlier I was looking at a photography blog and found this rather handsome looking bag. I told him I wanted one of the big cameras inside it and he said:

“NO! You can’t have a big camera, it costs a hundred dollar and mommy will shout at you. You can have a small camera, that’s all you can have.”

The other day though, he did tell Heidi he thought I should have a new camera for Christmas. He’s not entirely her nagging wee minion.

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