wall-e.jpg Oh, how I’ve been looking forward to this movie. I showed Billy the trailer 6 months ago and he loved the look of it. It was to be our first cinema trip together.

Billy was quietly excited and nervous as we sat down. Waiting for the trailers, he started to whine that he wanted to go home, he wanted it to start, he didn’t want it to start. I politely told him to shut up.

When the trailers finally came on he clamped his hands onto his ears, shocked by the volume. He looked like someone expecting an imminent meteor strike. The only thing capable of loosening his tight grasp was a trailer for a Thomas the Tank Engine Movie. Otherwise he shrank further and further into my chest, squeezing his head with all his might.

By some miracle he lasted through all the trailers and through an animated short about a magician and his bunny. Then WALL-E began. There were sweeping panoramas of a future earth’s ravaged surface, deep golden light shining on silent brown vistas. Freed from the struggle of drawing humans or animals the animators have created an opening that looks entirely convincing and utterly breathtaking.

“Wanna go home.” Billy said.

“It’s just beginning Billy, don’t worry, you’ll like it later, trust me.”

“Don’t like it. Wanna go home.”

“But Billy, it’s the movie from the trailer we watched at home. You said you wanted to see it.”

“Want watch it at home.”

“I don’t have it at home, it is only on here.”

He was quiet again for a while. I guess he was puzzling out what I had said. How could we not have it home when he had clearly seen it at home. The tension eased somewhat as WALL-E pottered about in his house watching a bit of telly and tidying up his collection of trinkets. Every frame of the film is just gorgeous, I can’t begin to imagine the effort that goes into something like this.

Then morning came and WALL-E went outside again. Billy tensed up. Then a colossal spaceship roared into the atmosphere, so loud the whole cinema started to shake. Billy was paralyzed with terror.

“No like it Daddy, go home daddy, want go home daddy….”

“Really? We have to go home right now? Please! Really?”

“No like it. NO LIKE IT.”

“But, but, cover your ears, don’t look, it’s fine, it’ll be over in a second.”


So we went home.

I guess I’ll wait till the DVD to find out if the rest of the film is as good as the opening. Billy has said he is willing to return to the cinema for the Thomas movie. Nothing else.

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