Recent Photos

Billy wishing dearly we’d buy him a cat. I did my bit and donated $2 to the cause. (Taken at the Fifth Avenue Fair today)

Kitty Cats at the Fifth Avenue Fair

Taken this afternoon, between attempts to take our own passport photos.

Billy & Heidi

Taken in Prospect Park last week when my friends were over.

Shep & Jack in the Park

Taken at Brighton Beach yesterday.

Beach Snaps

We discovered whilst at Tatiana’s restaurant on the seafront yesterday that if you pay $70 for your lunch instead of $15 (the amount we usually spend), Russians are the friendliest most courteous people you are ever likely to meet. I was so bowled over by this, I am considering getting the $140 caviar next time. I wouldn’t eat it mind, I’d chuck it in a plant, then I’d nourish myself in the warmth of the glorious service.

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