Murky Sledding

Heidi shot this on our old point and shoot this morning. As there was only a little over a minute of footage I decided not to bother editing it, but to try a little experiment instead. I exported the video as still images, 30 for every second and applied a set of filters to each one in Photoshop. You can easily automate this process, so it did all 2000+ images in just over 2 hours. I then re-imported them all into Final Cut Pro and laid them down next to one another. The result – a video you can barely see. But it makes me happy.

Quicktime 7 required

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Pavement Films

Me and Berger boy, otherwise known as EiNY have decided to start making films. He’s a journalist and I’m, well, I’m just me. So we went into Manhattan and he asked people questions whilst I filmed them. What a marvelous idea eh? We were quite pleased with the results and are hoping to make more. This video was commissioned by A British site that provides ‘Tabloid news for broadsheet readers.’

Of all the people we spoke to, every last one preferred Obama to Hillary. This was very odd considering 60% of New Yorkers voted for Hillary in the primary. Perhaps people who like Hillary don’t like walking about in the cold on a Sunday afternoon.

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