When I was back in Blighty I’d always make a big fuss when friends read The Sun newspaper. I considered the act of purchasing a copy downright immoral. My reasoning being that it encourages people to see the world in a very simple light. Everything is black and white, everything makes sense. And as we all know, this is not the way of the world.

Accepting this, it is with some surprise that I find myself so taken with the New York Post. With its offensive headlines and its fear mongering articles, it reminds me of The Sun in more ways than one.

One thing it has though; the thing that sets it apart from its more articulate peers is a booming-big set of heart and lungs. Each morning, I find myself looking forward to that emotive knee jerk headline that screams forth its sentiment across the city. Yesterday Chavez spoke a load of nonsense at the UN and this morning the NYP reads “JERK!” with an inset picture of said frothing madman.

I like having my initial gut reactions reinforced before the need to start thinking permeates. I like to be a part of the collective “F___ Y__!” from the people of New York to anyone who dares diss us. That goes for “MAD PREZ,” Ahmadinejad, (LIKE BRAT OFF MEDS) and his “MAD RANT/ VILE POISON,” or “THUG OF THE DAY,” Chavez with his tedious parroting of Chomsky and anyone else who dares speak ill of us. Balls to all of you!

Then I open the New York Times and I read about things in more detail and think about them and ask myself serious questions; I do what every responsible and rational citizen has a duty to do. But you know what? Sometimes the thinking just doesn’t seem worth the effort—why don’t we “JUST PUT A BULLET BETWEEN MAHMOUD’S EYES” as Steve Dunleavy of The Post suggests? Why waste our time on these people? Keep on keeping me dumb NYP, you rule!

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