Space Cadet

Bit of a blunder with the boy today.

Billy has been getting hives all over the place for the last few days. We are not entirely sure of the cause but we think it is probably avocados. Heidi broke a golden rule the other day, she fed him 2 new things at once—egg yolks and avocados. Now we don’t know for sure which one he allergic to.

She broke a second golden rule too. She gave them to him at night. This is bad because we could have easily missed his allergic reaction, due to its being dark and him being in bed. Neither of these rules would ever have occurred to me so I guess all those ‘bringing up a baby’ books do serve a purpose after-all.

Heidi felt so guilty about it she bought him $200 worth of clothes yesterday.

Onto today’s little blunder. Since the initial allergic reaction he has been taking Benadryl to keep the hives at bay. This morning both Heidi and myself administered a dose within half an hour of one another. There was some miscommunication involved. I won’t bore you with the details.

Let’s just say I had a relaxed day with him today, he was barely conscious all morning. I took him across the road to the playground to try and liven him up. He sat completely immobile in the swing like a bear that has just been pinned with a tranquillizer dart.



There was a lively little lad of about the same age in the swing next to him. He was cooing and giggling as babies do. His parents were looking over at the drugged Billy with increasing concern. “Quiet little guy isn’t he?” The father offered. “Yeah” I said, “He’s high on Benadryl!” They became strangely aloof after that. These Park Slope parents are so damned judgmental!

And speaking of damned, here’s the damned cat:


She hasn’t made an appearance for a while so I thought I’d stick her in. It is usually impossible to get a clear photo of her, as she never sits still. I took 3 pictures tonight, and each was a full 3-second exposure. They are all clear as crystal. I think she may be on the Benadryl too.

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What Billy Does When I’m at Work

He makes little friends apparently.

I was just rummaging through Heidi’s gmail and I found these from today. The other baby is called Julian.



There are 10 of these here.

Julian is a quarter Asian like Billy. It is striking how much less Asian Billy looks. I took him to Heidi’s work last weekend and one of her students declared “Dios Mio, El Rubio!” which means if I’m not mistaken “My God, The Blonde!”

There’s a good boy Billy.

I have a ticket to the hottest concert in town tonight, ‘Love is All’ at the Knitting Factory. But I’ve gone and written this blog for so long it is 11:20 already. I can’t do it. I am too tired. The band probably won’t come on till 12:30 and I’ll be up at 6:30 tomorrow with the sprog.

I give up.

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