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Why is there only one button on an Apple mouse? This question has bothered me for some time, you would think with all the cleverness going on in the Apple ranks they could manufacture a mouse with two buttons.

The other day I think I discovered the reason; this is an imagined call to a tech support person, which I found on someone’s blog:

Tech: Right click on “My Computer”
Caller: Right?
Tech: The right mouse button
Caller: Oh, okay…Now there’s a menu.
Tech: Select “Manage”
Caller: okay
Tech: Double click on ‘Device Manager’
Caller: Left or right click?

And this is the rub, Apple assumes that your average user is too daft to handle 2 buttons, and from this conversation you can see why.

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All you scummy PC users are in for a rude asleepening! I don’t know if this is new news / false news or misinformation but I just stumbled upon screenshots for the new Windows operating system: Longhorn


It looks so rubbish I can hardly contain myself; it looks worse than OSX did 5 years ago! I am not some reactionary who hates Microsoft and I don’t hate Bill Gates (he actually seems quite nice to me) I am just SO glad I don’t have a PC. Stew in your own clunkiness loooozers!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!! (Apologies for the evil delight and excessive exclamation marks; I just had 4 Newkie Browns).

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